Monday, November 15, 2010

Wine Preferences

I recently received and email with regard to a review of a winery called Cayuse. I admittedly know nothing about this winery. However, the review purported to show that the reviewers opinion of a winery was supported by scientific analysis of the wine.

I am a big fan of wine reviewers and reviews. I think that they help set a general tone for an increase in the quality of wine that we drink. That being said, I often find that many of wine consumers have vastly different preferences in the wines that we like to drink.

As an example, I am ok with a little bit of brett in my wines and often find that they add character. My wife, on the other hand, simply will not drink wine with Brett and can sniff it out from a mile away.

I am glad that there are wineries like Cayuse out there. Wineries that make a different style of wine and have a following that allows them to continue this. I think it adds to the complexity and interest for those of us that are wine lovers. As Thanksgiving is coming upon us, I raise my glass to all wine makers in a toast of thanks.

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