Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Napa Valley Green Certification

With so many wine regions trying to distinguish themselves, you have to give the Napa Valley credit for being out front on yet another intitiative.  The Napa Valley Green Certification program is a A collective effort of the Napa Valley Vintners, Napa Valley Grapegrowers, Napa County Farm Bureau and the Napa County Resource Conservation District.  It is frankly amazing that these groups worked together for the benefit of both the environment and the industry, and I applaud them and hope others will follow.
The certification programs hope to promote long-term sustainability in the county’s no. 1 industry and help the troubled Napa River watershed.  With sustainablity and local becoming such buzz words in the industry adn without much regulation on either of these terms, it is programs like these that will allow a consumers to distinguish between wineries that are serious about considering their impacts.
The Napa Green program certifies both wineries and vineyards and has met with remarkable success.  Some of the biggest names in the industry have joined and are now promoting the process. This trend is not only happening in Napa.
On the Central Coast, the Central Coast Vineyard Team has been hard at work with a similar program.  They have also garnered support from the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  Here is hoping that this group starts getting support from more local players like the local Vintners, the Grape Growers, the County Agricultural Commisions and others. 
For mor information on the Napa Green Certification, you can access the Napa Vintners website or the Napa Growers websites.  For the Central Coast Vineyard Team,  click on the attached link.  http://www.vineyardteam.com/



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