Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mediation in the Wine Business

I really want to echo the sentimenets of a recent Wines & Vines article. http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=83772&htitle=Mediation%20for%20Wine%20Industry%20Disputes The winery and vineyard industry has undergone some dramatic changes in the past few years.  With the demand for grapes and bulk wine dropping, there have been a handful of winery failures and a lot of reductions in volume.  This has invetiably lead to some disputes.

As a lawyer, I often counsel my client's to try and resolve their claims as quickly as possible.  If you have not taken part in litigation, it is often eye opening as to both the sheer cost and the time that it takes.  While it is often the only sure way to get a resolution, it is generally not a productive use of time and money.

If you find yourself with a handful of disputes with your suppliers or customers, try and resolve these matters before they wind up in litigation.  If you can't, try and get them into a mediation as soon as you can.

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