Sunday, December 12, 2010

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Ag Order

The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board has proposed a new ag order.  The key aspect of this new order is that it will do away with or limit waivers and group monitoring in favor of individual monitoring. Along with this, comes a confusing leveled of tiered monitoring that will attempt to place the most stringent monitoring restrictions on the largest and most problematic water users.  None of  this is sitting well with the agricultural community.
Ag Working Group, led by the California Farm Bureau Federation is proposing its own Ag Order in an effort to create a less onerous system.  Numerous members of the agricultural community have expressed concerns over the lack of input that they have had so far and that the RWQCB does not understand their issues.
For now, the waiver program which has been in place for the past few years has been continued. However, it is apparent that some level of additional regulation will be placed upon central coast irragators.

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